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Special Event: Archaeology Walk on April 26th

April is Archaeology Month in Montana!  

Celebrate at Travelers' Rest State Park with a special Archaeology Walk on Saturday, April 26th.  

Meet at the Holt Visitor Center and Museum at 11 a.m. to learn about how Lewis & Clark's "traveller's rest" campsite was verified by archaeologists.  Wear your walking shoes as we'll be stepping back into history along the trail!


The April Travelers' Rest Times Newsletter is now online!  Click Here


About Travelers' Rest

Travelers’ Rest State Park (TRSP) marks the location of a centuries-old Native American gathering ground lying at a hub of ancient travel and trade routes. Lewis and Clark’s 33 member party camped here in September of 1805 and again in late June, 1806 while following one of these ancient routes on their 4,000 mile journey from St Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River and back. Meriwether Lewis called the nearby creek “Travellers Rest.” In the summer of 2002, archeologists found evidence of the party’s latrine and central fire here, positioning the Park as one of the few sites in the nation with physical confirmation of the group’s visit–a truly unique designation.