What should my students bring with them?

                We highly recommend a water bottle, weather appropriate clothing, and sunscreen on hot days. Lunch is not provided. If your group is participating in Native Games 1 or 2, close toed shoes are required. Handouts and pencils are provided however some groups like to bring journals.

What is the maximum field trip size?
                Our recommended maximum number of students per group is 20, though we can accommodate more with additional chaperones.  Depending on the age of your students, we may ask you to divide your classroom into smaller groups.  Certain field trips have a maximum capacity of 20 students; this is not flexible due to state regulations or to preserve the quality and safety of our programs.

Does our school need to provide chaperones?
                Yes, we request adult chaperones. One adult for every 10 students is ideal.  A student who requires an aide in the classroom will also need their aide on the field trip.

What is the chaperone’s/teacher’s job?
                We know a lot about Lewis & Clark, Native cultural history, but you know your students.  We ask that teachers, parents, counselors, or other adult chaperones help to monitor and guide behavior so that we can focus on teaching and so that every student has fun and learns.  Please ask chaperones to leave phones, etc. in their bags except for emergencies; engaged adults are great models for student behavior.

How long is each session?
                Our field trip topics are designed to be 50 minutes each.  Shorter amounts of time mean less content is covered and is not recommended.

Can I request a field trip that is above or below the grade level of my students?
                We do not recommend field trips that are not the appropriate age group. Field trips are designed with specific content and curriculum standards in mind. It is difficult for us to improvise appropriate content material.

What can I expect on the day of the field trip?
                A staff person will meet your bus at the bus parking lot for a quick 5 minute introduction of the park and expectations. Teachers will receive an agenda, an events schedule, and a survey that can be filled out by a teacher or an adult chaperone. Surveys should ideally be returned before the end of the field trip but can be returned via email or snail mail afterwards. Your feedback is vital to the success of educational programs at Travelers’ Rest.

               Below you'll find a sample schedule for a 2 1/2 hour field trip with three rotations:

XYZ School
Friday, September 4, 2015
(60 students, 4rd grade)

Field Trip Agenda:
9:00 – 9:05           Welcome, introduction, expectations

9:05-9:50              Group 1:Archaeology Walk
                              Group 2: Replicas
                              Group 3: Native Games

9:50-9:55              Transition to second station

9:55-10:40            Group 1: Native Games
                              Group 2: Archaeology Walk
                              Group 3: Replicas

10:40-10:45          Transition to third station

10:45-11:30          Group 1: Replicas
                               Group 2: Native Games
                               Group 3: Archaeology Walk

Thanks for your interest in field trips at Travelers' Rest State Park.  A member of our staff will respond to your request within 48 hours.  In the meantime, please check the calendar below for available dates and the FAQ for information to help plan your field trip.

Frequently Asked Questions


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