clothing & equipment of the corps: Moccasins

Could you walk a mile (or 4,000) in their shoes?

continuity in a time of change - VIDEO

Tony Incashola (Director, Séliš-Ql̓ispé Culture Committee) and Thompson Smith (Coordinator, Tribal History and Ethnogeography Projects​) joined us on Zoom to share the many changes taking place in Séliš life in the 1700s, and how those affected the tribe into the following century.  Click here to watch a video of this presentation.

Food of the corps of discovery: bison

Exactly where did those buffalo roam?

Dig Deeper

Explore the links below to learn more about the individuals, events, items, and context of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  Many of these resources were written by a dedicated group of amateur historians and volunteers known affectionately as the Clarkkies.  We will post new links as they become available so check back often!

Lesser known members of the Corps of Discovery: Nathaniel Pryor

Nathaniel Hale Pryor was one of the first men selected for the Corps of Discovery.  Captain Clark called him a man of "character and ability."  Was his faith in Pryor well-placed? 

The name "travellers rest"

This unique site shares its name with many other places...find out why.

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How did an enslaved man contribute to the success of the Expedition?  What was his life like afterward?